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At Sonka, we understand the importance of safe and secure transportation for oversized and heavy loads. Our fleet of lowbed trailers is specifically designed to handle the transportation of large, heavy, and irregularly shaped equipment. With our well-maintained trailers, advanced load securing systems, and experienced drivers, we ensure that your valuable assets are transported with the utmost care and delivered to their destination safely and efficiently. Whether you need to transport excavators, bulldozers, cranes, or any other specialized equipment, our trailers provide the necessary stability and load capacity for a secure transport experience

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Our rollback trucks provide a safe and secure transportation solution for various types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and light trucks. With our specialized equipment, we can efficiently load and secure vehicles onto the rollback bed, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Our experienced drivers are trained in proper vehicle handling techniques to ensure a smooth and secure transport experience. We prioritize open communication, transparency, and flexibility to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

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Transport Service

Trust Sonka for seamless transportation solutions tailored to your project needs. Our specialized fleet and expertise ensure the safe and efficient delivery of heavy machinery, oversized equipment, and abnormal loads in Gauteng.

We simplify the transportation process, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our skilled team collaborates with you to create customized solutions, meeting project timelines and budget constraints. From cranes to bulldozers, our well-maintained fleet guarantees secure handling and efficient delivery.

Dealing with abnormal loads? Sonka’s specialists handle permit acquisition, route surveys, and coordination with authorities, ensuring compliance with local regulations. Our specialized trailers, secure fastening systems, and experienced personnel ensure a safe journey, hassle-free.

Safety and professionalism are our priorities. Our trained drivers, certified for complex tasks, undergo regular maintenance and inspections. Open communication and transparency define our service, with a dedicated support team providing real-time updates and prompt issue resolution.

Choose Sonka for a trustworthy transportation partner. Contact us to discuss your project and experience tailored solutions, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your assets. Focus on your business while we handle the logistics with excellence.

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sonka transport abnormal loads
sonka transport abnormal loads
sonka transport abnormal loads
sonka transport abnormal
sonka transport abnormal loads
sonka transport abnormal loads
sonka transport abnormal loads

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